Clay Pomade

Arcadian Clay Pomade is an absolute must for anyone looking for a matte or natural finish hair styling product. Formulated to have a creamy consistency, it scoops out and applies effortlessly for easier styling.  It works well with all hair types, can be finger styled for a looser, more natural look or combed for a cleaner appearance. Provides high levels of texture and volume, and holds firm for all day hold. Washes out with water.

Matte Paste

Matte Paste is a heavy, dense cream that was designed for all day hold, coarse texture and high volume. Breaks down into a sticky, paste that applies easily even given product thickness. Upon applying, you will immediately feel the grip which helps achieve the style quickly and easily as well as pack in loads of texture. Product can be restyled throughout the day (won't get crunchy) with only fingers or comb. Rinses out with just water.